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Nestled in the heart of nature, amidst the enchanting woodland of the Wilderness Wedding & Events Venue, Sam and Heather's boho-style wedding was nothing short of magical. At Instinct Wedding, we had the privilege of photographing their journey from the bride's and groom's preparations, to their emotional and love-filled ceremony, drinks reception, speeches and of course the first dance followed by the dance floor fun in this stunning boho venue.

Black and white photo of confetti exit

Bridal Prep

From the moment we arrived, it was evident that Sam and Heather's wedding was going to be unique. The boho-inspired theme echoed in every detail, from the beautiful, earthy florals to the incredibly beautiful dress. But more than that, the most amazing thing was how positive everyone was, it was such a joy to capture all the bridal party beaming with excitement, and, of course, some nerves and anticipation.


Sam and Heather's ceremony took place at the Boat House & Chapel Tent with an absolutely incredible views of the lake. It was an honour to witness and capture Groom's emotional reaction to his bride walking down towards him.

It was also so special to photograph the reactions of the bridal party as well as other guests. This is a part that Bride and Groom often miss while being in their little ceremony bubble but it's always so special to see those reactions of their loved ones afterwards.

Confetti exit

One of my favourite things to photograph on the wedding day is confetti. This is usually a time when emotions of both guests and the couple are running high and it just makes for such special, real, unposed photographs.

Reception, Speeches and Dancing

Another thing I love capturing on the wedding day is drinks reception. After all the big emotions of the ceremony have calmed down, and couple start mingling with their guests. People meeting people they haven't seen for years. Happy hugs, sharing of stories, and general excitement. Our approach during this time turns completely documentary (unless someone asks for a posed photo, then we will do it with joy!).

Cake Cutting and Dancing

Who doesn't love a great party? Well, we certainly do! And Heather and Sam's party was a true blast. I will let the photos tell the story here.

Bride and Groom Portraits

Have I started every section in this blog, saying it's my favourite part of the day photograph? Well, maybe I have, maybe I have :)

With Heather and Sam, we had about 30 minutes session after the ceremony for the photo session with just two of them. I absolutely loved it as couple were so high on emotions and so obviously happy.

We were also lucky enough to go out for a couple session after the speeches, during the golden hour. And it did not disappoint! From the dreamy swing, to golden fields, but most importantly a very happy, beautiful couple who's joy was shining through every photograph.

Kent Wedding Photography For Your Wedding Day

Do you like photographs we produced for Sam and Heather's wedding? We'd love to be a part of your love story too and photograph the magic of your special day. Contact Justina at Instinct Wedding today, and let's make your wedding dreams come true!


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