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Instinct Wedding - values, promise and service

Firstly, I'm glad you are here reading about Instinct Wedding Photography, the services I provide, and the values and promise to you. I hope this blog post will help you understand how my team and I work and assist you in deciding if we could be a good match for your wedding.

How I Work and My Promise to You

I'm Justina, a photographer who strives to serve my couples with the best experience when it comes to your wedding day.

I care deeply about my job as a wedding photographer and making sure that every couple who trusts me to capture their wedding day is left with a gallery of photographs that reflect all of the most beautiful moments as well as photos that capture how your wedding day felt.

Before the wedding day, I send an in-depth questionnaire to every couple. This helps me understand the timeline and ensures I'm always ready to capture all of the key moments—from heartfelt letters in the morning, and an emotional ceremony to a surprise speech and the first dance—everything is covered.

While I work in my signature style, I'm always open to your input, suggestions, preferences, and requests. I believe your wedding day is all about you, and it's important to make sure that your preferences are always a top priority. I make sure that you feel safe and confident in sharing any ideas, suggestions, or concerns with me at any point during the wedding planning process, during the wedding, and after.


Your wedding photographer is someone who will be around you and your guests all day. I know that not everyone feels super confident when it comes to having their picture taken, which is why I strive to be as non-intrusive as possible, capturing lots of candid moments of you and your guests genuinely enjoying the day, often without anyone even noticing me.

I believe that every wedding day is a collection of little significant moments, which, when added together, create that full, perfect day.

Experience and Work Ethic

I'm grateful to already have years of experience in wedding photography under my belt.

My technical skills are at a professional level, which means that no matter what happens on your day—whether it’s rain or shine, everything running just as planned or there's a lot of spontaneity; if your venue is bright or candle-lit—I am ready to capture it all in an artistic and high-quality way.

On your wedding day, I work in an intuitive, relaxed, and creative way. I also take pride in ensuring that your expectations of good work ethic are met. I always arrive early, and I am dedicated to being present yet unobtrusive, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the day.

Final Note

Thank you for considering Instinct Wedding Photography. I look forward to the possibly capturing your special day and providing you with photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Get in touch to tell me about your day or book your free, no obligation consultation.


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