15 March 2020

Covid-19 and your 2020 wedding advice

I thought it’s about time to address the major topic of today and talk about Corona virus. If you’re getting married in 2020, you have probably wondered if and how it’s going to affect your wedding plans.

First - don’t panic! We are all in this together.

From our perspective, we do what we can not to catch the virus so we can attend and shoot every single wedding we have booked. We are following governments advice and taking extra precaution by avoiding public places where many people are gathering, and of course - washing our hands often, making sure we’re not touching our faces, we have also decided that air kisses, elbow bumps and even a simple wave are pretty great alternatives to handshake or a hug! Of course, no one is really protected and if we do get infected, we can ensure you that we won’t just ignore the virus and turn up anyway to infect you and your guests. We surely have a plan B and C and feel so liberated about the fact many photographers and videographers from the wedding industry have come together and have created ‘emergency call’ lists, so shall we fall ill, and your wedding is still on, we will ask our super awesome usual second shooter friends to cover your wedding, and even if that plan fails, we have a contact list of other professionals who are keen on helping out. We surely aim not to leave your day uncovered! And of course, we will keep on making sure we are staying as healthy as a radish! (this is Lithuanian saying, which means as healthy as it can be, if your wondered :) )

Now, let’s talk about different options -


If, for whatever reason you decide to postpone your wedding - be it a government advice or a strict ban, you feel symptomatic, you are worried about your guests health, you or your loved ones can’t travel or you simply feel safer moving the date - we do and will work with you to try and reschedule your big day to a different date either later in the year, or next year. All monies you have paid already will be carried over to a new date. This seems to be a common practice and hopefully most suppliers will work on the same or similar terms to make sure that we can transfer your wedding date to a new date as stress free as possible.

If you decide to go this route, let us know and we will share our calendar dates and hopefully we can find a suitable date for all your suppliers.

bride - covid 19 advice for couples getting married in 2020


Another option if to downsize your wedding, or even opt for an elopement. We definitely think it’s a good idea that your friends and family most at risk stay at home. Of course, it is hard for them and for you, but we strongly believe that health is the most important thing we have. Even if you do decide to downsize or elope, you can still book a restaurant or a lovely pub dinner with people you want to celebrate your marriage but feel would be at risk if attended your big wedding. You can organise this dinner when it all calms down and you can even bring your wedding videos and photos to the dinner to share with them and tell them all about your wedding day. Of course, it may not be ideal, but we have to work around the situation we have and why not try and make the best out of not so great situation?

couple in the fields - corona virus advice for couples getting married in 2020

Going on as planned

If you do decide to go on as planned, our advice is not to ignore the virus completely and be considerate to your loved ones. How about leaving hand sanitisers, extra tissues and even anti-bacterial wipes in the bathroom for everyone to use. Also consider that instead of hugs and kisses you bow, wave, elbow bump, feet bump or create your very own greeting gesture. You may even want to spend this time crafting an email to all your guests, explaining the situation and encouraging them to carry on with the government’s advice how to stay healthy and avoiding catching the virus.

black and white confetti photo - covid-19 advice for 2020 weddings

See good, even in a bad situation

I said this at the beginning of this post, and would like to say this again, we are all in this together.

So try not to worry and try and see the positives instead. Perhaps if you’re, like us, avoiding public spaces and not going out as much, see it as an opportunity to spend more time with your partner, talk more, cook nice dinner together, have a romantic evening with candles, have a pic-nic in bed, play some board games, read books under one blanket, get creative - have a photoshoot together, paint, draw, look after your plants. Most most importantly - stay healthy and positive.

Also, please feel free to contact us at any time if you want to chat or if we can answer any questions.

Lots of love,