10 March 2020

Location inspiration guide for couple and engagement sessions

To make life easier for our lovely couples, looking to have their engagement session in Kent or East Sussex, where we have listed a few of our favourite and super photogenic locations for you to choose from!

By the way, have you seen our Engagement Session Guide, where we talk all about pre-wedding sessions and why we think it’s something every couple should consider.

And for now, let’s dive in and talk about some of our favourite locations:

Villages and old towns in Kent and East Sussex

The reason we love shooting in villages and old towns is how diverse pictures can turn out. England has got some truly beautiful, unique villages and towns in the East, and we love exploring them with our couples and finding charming spots for photos. What can be a better way to spend a golden hour than wondering around, chatting, and stopping when and as inspiration for a great shot hits. Some of our favourite villages and small towns in the South East England include:


A truly unique town, near the coast in East Sussex. That’s where true old English charm is exposed in the beautiful cobbled lanes like Mermaid Street, and English history is hiding in half-timbered houses, which serve as a beautiful, unique and rich background for romantic photos.

couple engagement photography at cobbled mermaid street in Rye


Loose is situated just outside Maidstone and is an incredibly charming little village. Right in the middle of it, you will find the Brooks Path - picturesque causeway along the Loose Stream that joins the two ends of the village. We love meeting our couples at Chequers inn for a drink before heading out for a little adventure, capturing photos in a natural and peaceful environment that Loose has to offer.

couple pre wedding photography of couple laughing in loose kent, couple photoshoot location, romantic photography

Couple photoshoot during golden hour, romantic photography in Kent countryside


A historic town, which was among the favourites for Charles Dickens. And there’s a reason for that. We love starting our photoshoots by the Rochester Castle, enjoying the picturesque views and then heading to grab a coffee, or carry on with the photos in one of its charming streets. It’s certainly a town full of amazing opportunities for photos.

black and white photo of a couple kissing outside Rochester Castle

The beautiful Outdoor and countryside

We love nature and truly believe that no man can create anything greater, more beautiful and perfect than nature can. Living in the South East part of the UK, we feel blessed by how many truly breathtakingly gorgeous spots you can find around. Especially if you’re up for waking up really early to witness the sunrise or are willing to hang out till the sunset, some magical moments are definitely in store.

Some of our favourite nature backdrops include:

Seven sisters

My personal favourite by far! It’s a series of chalk cliffs by the English channel. It’s the sort of place that wherever you look is beautiful. No wonder, Lloyd and I have picked this incredible place to get married ourselves! And you can read all about it here.

romantic photo backdrop at seven sisters cliffs. Instinct Wedding Justina and Lloyd

Camber Sands

Camber Sands is a beach in East Sussex, and we believe definitely the most photogenic one. Its sand dunes look magnificent in any weather and at any season. I also love, that it’s always a sense of surprise when you choose a beach location for the pre-wedding session as sea can be so unpredictable, and when it’s sunny one minute, it can turn cloudy and moody the next.

Couple in the Camber Sands


There are too many beautiful, mystical and fun woods in the South East to list every individual one here. Great thing about forests, just like towns, it’s easy to find a new story and unique background round every corner. Forests and woods are also perfect for couples who like an outdoor location but don’t like when there’s too many people around.

couple kissing in the woods


Last but not least in our list are town and city parks. We love parks as it looks different all year round, and even shooting in the same park during different weather or season can look completely different because of the changing nature. Maybe you got a park near you that you love to go for walks to? It could be really special to have your engagement session there as it will be a meaningful reminder of your life before marriage.

black and white photo of a couple in Whatman park, Maidstone

A few last words…

We have listed a few of the spots that we love and know can help to create some beautiful photos. But to tell you the truth, the most amazing, and important in your engagement session is you two, your love and your relationship. If you feel happy, content and joyful, wherever we go, I can assure we will be able to capture some beautiful photos for you to treasure.

Do you have an idea for an engagement or a couple’s session? Get in touch!

Stay safe,