3 March 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Second Photographer / Videographer

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Second Photographer / Videographer

If you want to have completely stress-free photography and video experience, second photographer/videographer is a bonus that you will certainly be glad you chose to have.

Here are Instinct Wedding’s 5 reasons why you should get a second photographer / videographer.

1 . Getting Ready

A lot of times, bride and groom will be getting ready in separate locations, often quite a few miles away from each other. Getting two photographers/videographers will help to ensure that both of your mornings will be captured, without having to worry if we are missing an important or a beautiful moment. Having two shooters will help to ensure that one of us can follow each of you all day. And wouldn’t you want to see your partner getting all excited/nervous as they prepare to marry you?

Groom getting ready with his best man

2 . Arriving at the venue

Even if you are getting ready close to each other, having a second shooter will enable us to capture arrival of your guests, their reactions of first seeing your venue, perhaps greeted by your other half. Just another thing that you can’t see on the day, but you can watch back after you receive your wedding photos/video.

Groom greeting his aunt at the wedding morning

3 . Ceremony

Having two photographers/videographers will enable us capture multiple emotional moments. Your partner waiting for you, you walking down the isle and your partner’s reaction of seeing you for the first time, your parent’s reactions and your vows… So many emotions are flowing around during the ceremony, and believe us, you will want to remember it all.

Brides parents at the wedding ceremony

4 . Cocktail hour

While you have your photos taken after the ceremony, another shooter could be capturing your guests enjoying their time. Again something you will not see on the day, but can look back on when you get your photos/video back!

5. More memories and more creative photos

Having a second photographer/videographer will allow your main shooter to be more creative and look for some more epic, unexpected shots and angles, set up lights for a spectacular night time photo, while the second is still capturing everything that is going on at your reception party.

bride and groom posing outside their wedding venue at great fosters at night time.