20 May 2019

Instinct Wedding's Engagement Session Guide

Making the best out of your engagement session

Engagement sessions are great for two reasons: first, you get a chance to dress up, feel and look your best, whilst celebrating your love as an engaged couple. Secondly, you can look at it as sort of a ‘rehearsal’ photo session before your wedding so you know what to expect from a photo hour at your wedding. For us, photographers, it’s very useful too, as we get to see the dynamics between you as a couple and ensure that the photo hour on your big day goes super smooth and is a complete reflection of you two.

Having said all that, we know that for some couples the thought of an engagement session can still be quite daunting and even stressful, but it really shouldn’t be!

So let’s dive in and discuss some points that are worth thinking about before your engagement session.


We always suggest to choose location that means something to you. Perhaps a park where you went for your first walk, seaside where you shared your first kiss, or even your very own kitchen where you spend the best time together laughing and baking cookies.

However, we are also always happy to give some suggestions if you absolutely can’t think of anything!

Super idea: if you really want to make a statement with your engagement session, and you feel that your ideal location is a bit further afield, or even abroad, don’t be shy to tell us! We absolutely love travelling and adventures and with enough notice can arrange anything!

Don’t want or can’t travel but still want to make a statement with your engagement session locally? We can always use props - from fairy lights in the woods, smoke bombs in a field, or a beautifully styled ‘tea party’ style table in your garden - there is no limits to imagination!


If you choose to have your session outdoors in nature, we love natural light, and the best and most beautiful time of the day is during the Golden Hour, which happens an hour before the sunset or first couple of hours after the sunrise. If you decide to go for an evening Golden Hour, we suggest meeting up an hour or so earlier, especially if it’s the first time when we meet, so we can have a chat and a coffee, and get comfortable around each other.

Can’t make it in the morning or evening? No problem! With a bit of a creative thinking can make even the harsh sun work. Just let us know!


Style is such an exciting point to think about because it’s literally one occasion where you can dress up, accessorise and look and feel your best. It’s great way to make your personalities really shine through. We suggest you take some time to do your hair, nails and make-up just the way you love. Don’t be shy! You literally cannot overdress for an engagement session. Also, don’t be afraid to use accessories, such as hats, sunglasses, scarves, etc. They not only look great on photos but can also serve as a prop and give a bit of a variety to photos.

Also, if you have a ring you love and you want a photo of that, don’t forget your nails!

Top tip: have you thought of scheduling your make-up and hair trial at the day of the engagement session?

Matching styles. It’s nice if your and your partner’s outfits are complimenting each other in colour and style. Also, think of the location, if your shoot is in a vibrant city, you may want to choose bolder colours, whereas if you want a romantic session by the sea, earthy, or pastel tones might be a better choice. However, the most important thing is that you feel your best! Oh and did I mention you literally cannot overdress for engagement session?

Changing outfits. You might want to bring two outfits with you and change mid session which is absolutely cool! Alternatively you can bring a jacket, a cardigan or a scarf that you can take on and off for a bit of a change.

Final Note

The best accessory is your happy eyes and your love for each other! There’s absolutely no need to stress before the engagement session. We always try and make it fun and chilled - a fun time out. We promise to guide you but not force you in any poses that you feel uncomfortable with. We might ask you to talk, walk or play with each other rather than posing awkwardly whilst staring to the camera. So relax and put your smile on!

Also, as you will be all dressed up and beautiful already, why not make the best of it and plan a romantic date afterwards?