6 April 2018

Three Things To Consider Before Booking A Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day is probably one of the most beautiful, emotional day that will ever happen to you. Not only that, it’s likely to be one of the most expensive parties you will ever throw. So surely you will want to remember this day in the most beautiful (and high quality) light possible!

Beautiful though is very subjective word and that’s why there are so many videographers and filmmakers out there offering their services and their work, so that YOU can choose the one you can most relate to. So let’s look at three big points to consider when choosing your wedding filmmaker:

Make sure you get what you expect

First, decide what are your values and what you want - do you want a highlight film, that looks like a mini film, that is carefully crafted and made to the same standard as films, or it’s more important to have as much footage as possible, or perhaps you want your wedding film look like a music clip. There are so many vendors offering all sorts, here at Instinct Wedding, we concentrate on quality and not quantity. Our films include only the most beautiful, most emotional details and sounds from your wedding day and we strive to preserve as much emotion as possible.

Consider their working style

Some filmmakers work in a hugely ‘editorial’ style, which means there is a lot of posing, guiding and directed moves. Others choose to work in more documentary style, which means capturing your day and all emotions as they happen. At Instinct Wedding, we always strive to stay as invisible throughout the day as possible so all emotions stay as real and authentic as possible. However, we are also happy to do more intentional clips of the couple, especially right after the ceremony. We do, however, have working methods, which help us to capture beautiful poses without you feeling like you’re posing or being filmed.

How about their personality?

I cannot stress this enough. it’s so important that you and your videographer get on well as you will spend literally all day around each other. So even though you love someone’s work but you feel awkward around them, it’s best to keep on looking. That’s why we always and whenever possible try and meet before the wedding and also recommend to have a pre-wedding shoot. Creating beautiful film is a team work and it’s really important that team members like and trust each other.

A lot of people start planning their wedding months, if not years before their wedding. They think about every little details, venue, colours, style, flowers, they invite those closest and dearest to celebrate, making sure that everyone is having a good time celebrating their love. This is one of those happy days when families and friends get together to witness two people promising eternal love to each other. Choosing the right videographer will help you to feel calm that your day is being captured in the most beautiful way so all those precious moments will live not only in your head but also in a more physical form that can be shared with everyone, even the generations to come.